Friday, February 26, 2010

Progressive: Hate Labels but Proud to take this one

Hey, I hate labels and this is one. This is a trap; this word. FOX and Glenn Beck, paid dupe or complicity traitor to his country, are part of a counter-intelligence operation aimed at the United States of America and this word is their straw man, so be it. I never thought of myself as one until now, I guess. Since apparently we are all forced to retreat to our corners prior to the bell.
This is a word they are attempting to smear and sully. It is a clear attempt by FOX news to pit the right against the left. The word Progressive, thus, gives the GOP conservatives – virtually indistinguishable from FOX News - an excuse to pillory and demonize those of us on the side of the equation who are anti-BigCorp (Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big War et al), and pro-democracy.
Here's an example of the hate

This is the sort of incendiary rhetoric that comes from listening to too much Beck as he animalizes anyone who dares agree with Obama

My personal beliefs are pretty straightforward and are best voiced by the likes of Michael Moore and Congressman Alan Grayson: a corporation should not have more voice in the democratic process than a human being citizen of these United States. And contrary to the wishes of big corp and its slavish lackies, many of whom serve in congress, and on the Supreme Court, a corporation IS NOT A HUMAN BEING. In that a corporation CANNOT feel guilt, nor express a social conscience. Like androids they can ape these distinctly human emotions for the purposes of tax write-offs, but, they simply cannot feel and express these in a genuine sense.
I love my country. I was born here. As a Peace Corps Volunteer I swore an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. I consider FOX News to be both. Initiated by a foreign media speculator, operated domestically for the nearly unveiled purpose of destabilizing the United States, promoting hate and civil unrest, deflecting warranted criticism of our current economic crisis away from big corp interests, that put us here, and shifting it on the harsh spotlite of “progressivism.” How can someone mention ACORN as if this is a credible threat to democracy, while billions of tax dollars are spent every second, for defense contracts in a perpetual cycle of manufactured warfare? How can ACORN be a problem while we continue using a fossil resource, marching headlong into a wall of scarcity regarding this resource, WHILE destroying the environment; leaving off the cost in human lives to the armed conflict such a pursuit tallies.
You’ll notice the large corporations need nothing for you now, other than your vote. That one last vestige of the democracy they have yet to eradicate, though Beck and his puppet masters are trying to find a way to do just that. They still need that pesky little thing from us called the vote. They need it in significant enough numbers to cover their tracks when they rig voting machines the way they did when George W. Bush was elected over Al Gore.
There are plans to send us to war, now. These plans are predicated on a destroyed market, a middle class brought to heel, civil unrest, and runaway spending on “defense.” This will leave little alternative in the way of employment for our young other than soldiery. They need small business broken, penniless.
The person standing in the way of much of these plans is Barack Obama. His election was a groundswell that would not be denied, even overcoming glaring irregularities in voting machines, closed voting locations etc. Barack’s agenda to solve some of these problems, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and eventually fossil fuels, and backing away from world conflict, separation of church and state, fostering a spirit of greater cooperation between nations, all of these things throw wrenches in the gears of the machine trying to destroy us, according to some plan. This is the nature of the venom aimed at our current president, as voiced by FOX News; the enemy within.
You’ll notice that a Progressive as defined by Beck et al, is anyone who cares deeply about the future of this country, as if caring for the future were a vice of some sort. By this very definition, EVERY ONE of our founders, to a man, and woman, was a progressive.
I take my place in their ranks, unbowed, unrepentant. If Glenn Beck and his minions, now aflame with a purity test of false Christianity, and FOX News desire to start a liquidation campaign now to hunt us down and kill us, I will be more than happy to stand up and fight for what I believe.
Others before me have died for less.

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