Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November is Big Brother Month!

Remember, kids, to observe Big Brother during the month of November and thank him for all he's doing for us.

Big shout out to all my homies languishing in prisons, both real and imagined.

Here at My Bladder is Full, we like to reflect on some of the technological wonders BB or "B Squared" as I like to call him, is bringing us.

On the right above the ads, which bear very little relevance to what we're talking about, but there they are and you're welcome to (....shhhhh can't say that) never mind. Okay, as a term of service YouTube has its own vids it needs us to take note of, I'm gonna ask you to just go ahead and hit refresh twice or three times in your browser until you see the videos that I posted up there with the Hum Vee on it. Got it? Good.

This is a group of videos about the Pain Ray, or as Raytheon likes to say, and it sounds soooo much better "The Active Denial System"

I especially love video #3 from the top, which starts "These Servicemen playing the part of an unruly mob" and you'll note they are all carrying "Peace" signs. I wonder if there's any subtext there. It couldn't be that they are planning on using this device domestically could it? Later in the video, "The operator is able to place the cursor on the person he has identified as THE TROUBLE-MAKER" Which, as we know is a crime. (Hey, at 995 gigaHertz, don't be a "Mr. Bumble")

Hah. Likely they would have used it back in the days of MLK, those unruly troublemakers!


In video #4 they shoot it at a news reporter. I'm imagining a whole lot of happy banter around the Pentagon at this video.

"Got that jelly-roll moving, man! haha."

You note the reporter is so jostled by the experience he refrains from terming what he went through as actual "pain". Man, is this progress or what?

This is only one of the many wonderful weapons that the military corporations now have in their arsenal to pacify us when they direct the president to announce to the world, that, "hey, we have the spaceship. Yep. We've had it for a long time now. It has all the answers to things like energy, communications, and so forth, but, rather than give that information to humanity at large, we've just sort of held on to it for about sixty years, and made all sorts of weapons with it, which, unfortunately we're now pointing out there at ya'll. M'Kay?" Or something like this.

I don't know, I'm thinking maybe, they're sort of planning on some major contrived domestic disturbance coming up? And so, they need all this stuff?

The Pain Ray (Damnit don't say that!) The Active Denial System is only one of the special gifts to humanity that Hermano Corporatus Bastardus, has given to us.

Here at My Bladder is Full, all during the month we will be featuring one of these special "gifts" heh heh, touting its features and possible uses.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Bladder is Full of Larry David

I imagine myself urinating on The Star of David, and I can't do it. Or the Israeli flag, perhaps, nope, I couldn't do that either.

I have had my own mental differences and uncomfortable squeemishness with regard to our staunch ally, Israel. Some of the things done in our name, with our weapons, to Palestinian citizens, have deeply disturbed me. Why? Because I read the news, and I make the damned mistake of caring about what goes on in the world.

Would I ever, in a million years URINATE on the Israeli Flag or the Star of David? Hell no! I don't care how rich or famous I ever became (ha! as if!) I couldn't imagine a world, or a reason for doing something so hideous and hate-filled as to offend my fellow Americans who are Jewish, or my fellow human beings who are Israelis. I think I'd sooner have my f#cking head cut off by a terrorist than do that.

You know, I'm not even religious anymore. I was raised Catholic, and I sure as hell have my problems with the church. Those nuns used to knock me around like a Chinese gong. Thus, I even have my own humor blog posing as an irreverant Catholic Priest.

But urinating on Christ's image? In this day and age? In this already inflamed world we live in?

There is a Jingoist sort of tone such a thing sets and I've felt it before in foreign countries. You get it when people speak over and around you, expecting you not to understand the jokes they are making about you, the filthy foreigner.

Here Larry David perhaps is showing us the inside of Hollywood's jingoistic bowel; vehemently anti-christian and definitely anti-catholic; validating every hate-filled speech by every David Duke, and Howard Metzger out there. Validating every single hate-camp of the flaming cross in every back-woods community we have. And do we need more of them, Mr. David? Is this what you were aiming at? Perhaps for your next trick you could pen another Turner Diaries.

For Larry David not only feigned the act thereof, or actually did micturate on Christ's image (oh but it was portrayed as an accident), he actually had help in those around him who produced this and displayed it on caballa television. And HBO put this bit of hate on for us to watch!?

A footnote to this outrage: if Mel Gibson had taken out his winkle during his drunken tirade and wink-tinkied on an Israeli Flag, how OVER would his career be at this point? But in his meager defense, Gibson, was Billie-Goat drunk when he went into his tirade about Jews. David, was stone sober, and did this bit of hate, as a bit, for television, for which he was paid handsomly.

What am I missing? Am I missing something?

David's show is about what, precisely? Being Jewish, in Hollywood? If there is a common thread that may be it. Mostly it's about David goofing on himself, his own brand of crass insensitivity.

But we have to remember that Larry David is an educated man. Is there a subtext? Is there propaganda afoot here? See, this is the thing about hate when it surfaces, not humor, hate. Hate opens the door to questions we should not be asking. Questions we wouldn't even think of asking in the absence of it.

Is Larry David saying this is what Hollywood Jews and Israelis feel about Christians in this country? Bear in mind, religiously, I am not in this fight. I'm as agnostic as you can be.

But what I am is incensed for Christians/Catholics across the country for what Larry David did, and totally disgusted with HBO for not having an explanation for it that bears any scrutiny, and totally perplexed at Hollywood elites; especially when balanced against the good going over they gave to Mel Gibson after his racist lapse.