Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Damned 2012 Nonsense Explained Part 4

By David A. Kearns

Kidding aside, species, there has to be someone who tells the truth. That person is me, now.
What I am about to tell you has already been told to you but the information was either given out on the History Channel which seems to enjoy apocalpse more than the investigative scientific aspect of it, or it has been presented as an enjoyable yet laughable joke ala Independance Day, or the MIB series.
Why does a Mayan mother in the Classic Period (300-900 a.d. ) bind her baby's head to make the child look like the Gods? Because perhaps the gods weren't gods, but they weren't exactly human either.
Where do they come from? It could just be that they have always been here.
Seventy-percent of the earth's surface is water. You also have a 5.6 million square mile sheet of ice covering an entire continent down at the bottom of the globe, in which massive ice shelves hundreds of feet thick extend well out into the Southern Ocean. The Ross Ice Shelf, The Weddell Sea, not to mention the ice itself covering Antarctica is two miles thick in places.
Contrary to bland nonsense issued by "experts" in government and in our military, there are places to hide here on earth for eons. There are worlds within worlds as yet undiscovered on our very own planet.
These beings needn't originate from exotic Nibiru or Zeta Reticuli, though they might given some of their demonstrate abilities with their craft. Who knows?
Facts? Read Need To Know: UFOs, The Military and Intelligence by Timothy Good, (Pegasus 2007) or Ann Druffel's Firestorm: Dr James E. McDonald's Fight fo UFO science (Wildflower Press 2003) the amount of data is simply staggering and deeply unsettling to those of us who have not been exposed to the facts, only the crust of nonsense and ridicule sticking to this topic.
In Need To Know, Mr. Good has taken the time to photocopy the official paperwork going along with the numerous accounts of pilots, air traffic controllers, et. al, going back to the World War II era and on up to the modern day. The work is exhaustive and fascinating. Tens of thousands of cases exist which cannot be explained by any conventional, atmospheric or oceanographic concepts according to Mr. Good and I for one, am inclined to believe him.
According to Good's research, as I don't read The New York Times everyday, in 2005 the Lady in Grey even confirmed that they, UFOs, exist, in whatever form, in a lengthy editorial.
If we can accept that they are here as NASA Astronaut Edgard Mitchell (among others including Story Musgrave) has, then we break the possibilities as to their point-of-origin down thusly 1. From here 2. From elsewhere very far away. 3. Some combination of these two; that is to say, result of longterm breeding, by unknown means between those coming from off world, and some earthly species; yes of course, or intradimension beings, or time travelling creatures from our very own Terra. (Regardless of the exotic nature, of these latter possibilities; still from here)
At conservative best, then, a 33 to a 66 percent chance exists that whomsoever these beings, composite creatures of biomechanical, or even purely mechanical nature, are, a LONG TERM association with the human species has existed, in whateve form.
And indeed works of some renaisance artists seems to indicate 'they' have been here before. If we combine these paintings and tapestries with the disturbing accounts of Ezekial and his wheels within wheels in the sky, we may indeed be talking about a long-term association that even precedes man's existence horizon of some 60,000 years.
Aztec proverb tells us that what will happen, has happened before.
You look at the convoluted history of man-ape. You see we have suffered a bottle-neck some 50,000 years ago. You note that genetic Eve - from whom we all descend - as outlined in The Genome Project, perhaps lived 250,000 years ago, while genetic Adam, lived only 60,000 years ago.
We are only 60,000 years old. We are one of the youngest species on earth.
You consider that Homo neanderthals had a brain case a bit larger, not smaller, than our very own and you come to the possible conclusion given the watchers that some entity, not us, perhaps has been tinkering with our development.
Several credible abduction accounts stress the need for the removal of our genetic material. Some of these accounts predate our understanding of what the hell they wanted with our, you know, STUFF! That is to say, they were extracting our giz, even before our medical science knew all the wonders and possibilities of DNA. One might even speculate whether the virgin birth story of the Catholic creed, is not infact an alien abduction account!
You combined this with the very real presence of these watchers, whoever they are, and you could come to the conclusion that you, I, and every other human being here on earth, are not among a population of free creatures, but a domesticated one. Tamed, controlled, dare I say it, farmed.One could postulate that we exist on some sort of managed range.
Why?What purpose would we serve?
A very old species would have tinkered with biomechanics, genetics, perhaps to their detriment, hence the need for new genetic material. Also, a space travelling species would likely suffer from constant genetic damage from cosmic radiation, gamma rays etc.
And we're reasonably intelligent, good with our opposable thumbs and we can be made to build things; space ships, weapons and so on. We are exceedingly good at the latter in that list. This is our specialty. In fact, if we were bred, it is for this trait we were selected above our, perhaps, more peaceful, less-nimble cousins, the neanderthals.
So where does 2012 come in?
Harvest time on the farm requires getting the beasts all moving in the same direction, toward the corrals and pens for livestock inventory, sampling and so on. Perhaps in our case, toward the bottle-neck in the guided evolutionary process, towards war, famine and disease. During which time of chaos, our famers can remove hundreds of thousand of us without being observed.
What is the greatest mass mover of humanity, rivalling need for food, or sex? Religion.
If aliens came down and at a stroke abducted millions of us, Seventh-Day Adventists would have an explanation in the "rapture."
Not that there isn't a divine creator, I tend to agree there is one. But I think perhaps someone has been having us on for centuries with this religion...thing.
You'll note they all are laced with EXPECTED apocalyptic outcomes, like our friend the 2012 bug. We go marching off to the Middle East because we have been told to do so by our Judeo Christian systems. Fundamentalist Islam views us as infidels because, through a tortion of the Islamic faith, they are told to think of us as such. In the middle of all this the oil that drives the conflict.
Looming outside all of this is Communist China, now approaching population meltdown, salivating over North American water, space, food and oil resources.
Anyone who can't see we may be due for a species-wide pruning and 2012 is just as good an idiot excuse to the hairless chimp, just hasn't been paying attention.
Like Cortez conquering Mexico, pitting one tribe against the other, and the spread of microbes, does infinitely more work than mere conquistador maniobra.
You ask yourself why, in many school districts across the country, a student is blocked at the computer terminal from running an internet search on the topic of UFOs? But, they can do so for vampires, werewolfs, even bigfoot presents no problem. Does that make sense
You also have to ask yourself why the scenario I have laid out for you here, is considered taboo in the publishing world?
You are permitted to write a speculative work on the 2012 hype, only if you show it in a certain light: that is to say a favorable one.
If you do what I have done, which is to begin a fiction trilogy laying out the theory that we are blindly marching ourselves to destruction because we refuse to recognize another enemy in our midst, the publishing world does not want to hear it, even in speculative fiction.
Imagine, fiction as a taboo subject: particularly one that takes aim, not at just one religion, but all of them. Can't have that. We need religion as a means to corral the mind of mankind.
What I have begun is a trilogy, a what-if, which takes on the hype of 2012 starting in the year 2011.
I bring forward what I see are the coming advances in media and technology which are ensnaring us in a system of slavery.
The predictions I make in the first book Monster Hole, were made in the year 2005, projecting forward to 2011. Who among us would have predicted the war in Iraq and Afghanistan would still be going? I did.
There are many more elements to my trilogy that will astound you until you read the books again, in the years they cover and realize for the most part my prediction are coming true. Why? Because I have factored in that third party to our little nightmare here on earth. When you admit he exists, whole new vistas of reality open up. Things that would have terrified and surprised you before now seem to make sense.
Book 2 of this series is called The Big Lie. I will be posting the first chapters any day.
In the meantime, know this, some say 2012 is a hoax. I agree, but with the caveat that it is an exceedingly dangerous one in that it could be used as a pretext for touching off worldwide calamity.
Watch, look and listen: trust no expert. Trust not the media or religion in these dangerous days.
Watch the sky for that cloud that doesn't seem to want to move along with his fellows in the wind, the shade of refracted light over the airport as your plane comes in on final approach or that star in the dusk that seems to be moving along much faster than it should.