Thursday, October 22, 2009

GM Fiasco a lesson for us all

By David Anthony Kearns

This was the Associated Press this morning "Shockingly poor financial management at General Motors and Chrysler weakened their case for a federal bailout..."
No, no. What Steve Rattner, former head of the Presidential task force designed to look into GM really said was "stunningly poor."
Other quotes snapped up by AP Washington's pool reporter, whoever it had been, and God Bless them: "GM's Board of Director were utterly docile in the face of mounting evidence of looming disaster," also "GM Chairman Rick Wagoner set a tone of 'friendly arrogance.' "
Imagine what we didn't read, since we're getting this third-hand, from a reporter, who's quoting the report of task force point man, Rattner.
Imagine what was never disclosed.
The report goes on to state that had the federal government not stepped in - albeit holding its collective nose while it did it - unempoyment in vast expanses of this country would have soared to twenty percent or higher.
The next time Glenn Beck, or any other cheese-head natters on about socialism, "president Obama getting into the car business" or the creation of a welfare state, I want you to think about a group of ossified, fat men sitting their Armani asses on GM's Board of Directors, blythly cruising their Titanic directly into an iceberg, all the while confident of a bailout they could blame on the swirling financial crisis; the skyrocketing price of oil, and the United Auto Worker's union.
I guess for Beck, Innanity, and others, it's only welfare if you're black, live in a slum and have kids to support. It's only socialism, if a program seeks to help someone who applies for foodstamps often. It's only wrong if, you signed a contract for a $78,000, 2-2, that had a balloon payment tucked way down deep in the fine print.
A group of nasty, selfish pricks who sit there, collecting $500,000 per year - a pittance really - to direct GM right into ruin and do nothing about it is really not welfare as the term is known: it's Free-Market Capitalism as touted by Larry Kudlow on CNBC! It's not criminal, oh no! It's America, land of the free home of the brave, personally responsibility and (don't you love this?) family values!
Yeah, that makes sense. It's family values! It's Jesus, apple pie, all that.
More than 1 million jobs, Rattner estimates, would have been lost, had the government not done something.
See, it's not good enough for some that they sit on high and squirrel all their cash away they are earning, pushing paper, in some tax haven: there has to be someone on the other end literally crawling on their knees begging a sheriff's deputy to allow them to remain in their house, just one more day.
Being wealthy apparently doesn't taste good enough to those fortunate insiders unless, there are one million such souls newly sent to the bowels of the economy, sent to the depths, digging through sofa creases for every last penny lost over the years.
You have to ask yourself where in hell, Faux News gets their information from to keep running this game that Obama wants to bring socialism to this country.
Hell, we've already got a welfare state here! The Welfare programs have been pumping billions into the pockets of the wealthy scumbags who have been robbing us blind, and running us ragged.
Now, when the till is empty, they want to completely beggar everyone outside their little club. When you raise a finger or vote to oppose them in any way, you are called unpatriotic, America hating, and oh yes, a socialist.