Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Greenhouse effect for dummies

Sick of hearing it.
And are you serious? Really? Are you that ill-informed?
Okay, data from 1995 until now, according to ONE scientist, does not show signs of "significant" warming.
Really? THIS is your proof that there is no such thing as a greenhouse effect? Are you serious?
Of course you can't be that ill-informed. And by you I mean members of the GOP, members of the media. And Glenn Beck, in particular, who is neither.
Okay, let's give another example. The road in front of your house is crumbling, getting worse. If you pour acid on it, every single day it will deteriorate faster and faster. You conduct an experiment, you pour mild acid on it for a year, and only barely notice a difference between your street and the one over from you. You conclude acid has no affect on asphault or concrete.
Are you a moron? Would you conclude something so damned stupid and disengenuous just to proove a point, lying even to yourself in the process?
Likely you would, I guess.
Bring your mug close to the screen. Watch this video.

There! Are you soft in the head, or what?
There are literally millions of factors leading into whether or not we are experiencing global warming. The time scale over which these factors work is geologic. A very simplistic example of global warming might go like this.

Notice the penguins know just what the hell is going on. No denial there. GOP might represent the idiots who stand on the shore looking at the approaching wave in total denial, total disbelief.
Ice melts. Carbon dioxide is responsible for trapping heat from sunlight; that's th greenhouse effect. It is responsible for trapping enough heat to keep life liveable when the sun goes bye bye at night. But too much greenhouse gas, is not good. There is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere since well before the last ice age. At the very least we are conducting a massive experiment with our atmosphere. These facts are not in dispute.
If the GOP wasn't so focused on legislating science out of the classroom, and putting God back in, they wouldn't have such a hatred of reality.
You can bow, kneel, genuflect, you can even put on Jeebus Jammies. It will not do any good. Jeebus will not help us fight the coming changes to our atmosphere. We have to reverse course.
Yeah, it might get cooler for a time while more ice is melting. A very simplistic way to look at it, but once it does, there is no replacement ice to keep things cool and the temperature will rise again, unchecked.
Trouble with conservatives, as they practise their svengali voodoo these days, is they never seemed concerned about conserving anything.
There is a ray of hope in this video, and it is this: what if the ice chunk had been twice the size of the one that fell? Probably happens all the time. That little landing there would have been swamped with 28 degree brine; the kayakers would have been dumped in the drink. That kind of cold can stop a heart, flat!
Maybe there is a God. If he is, he's knocking awful hard.