Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Glenn Skips the Details re Van Jones Uh-GIN!

Beck's attacks of Van Jones out of it, what Jones says, is, we need to have green jobs.
Here was Van Jones's comments at the NAACP Image Awards:

Clearly he's calling not for communism, but for Green jobs. And hell yes, this is what so called progressives are all about. Think about it: if we got this new economy going with a new industry we revolutionize the world, decrease our dependence on foreign oil, eventually reduce the need for a fossil resource. Whatever Van Jones is, or has been, whatever he's done as an attorney, at this moment in this speech, he's making perfect sense.
Here's what Glenn Beck did with Van Jone's speech.

Why? Because contrary to Mr. Beck's schooling as a member of AA/NA, wherein adherents are coached to put principles BEFORE personalities, Beck instead makes it all about personalities. "I love you" ala the Gospel once again gives way to a personal attack laced with dated or erroneous information.
This is classic counter-intelligence.
Counter-intell is a method used by intelligence agencies such as CIA or Mossad, or KGB, wherein a bit of information is twisted, laced with lies and innaccuracies in order to discredit that information which is true and undesireable for the masses to obtain, from the perspective of those wishing to control said masses.
It strains credulity watching Beck for the better part of a year now, to think he is NOT being run by some advanced intelligence operation. That is to say, he is obviously no more, no less than some form of propaganda aimed at our country, directed through Mr. Murdoch voicing the wishes of either foreign, or domestic intelligence.
On behalf of Murdoch, FOX and Newscorp Beck protects big business, big defense, big oil and big religion, always, either directly, or indirectly, as in the case of big-war/big-oil which both comprise an industrial entitlement welfare state.
The glaring nature of Beck's attacks on ACORN, or other small by comparison, so called Progressive institutions without mention of the mountainous waste to be found in the defense entitlment welfare state is key.
Eventually pure chance would dictate that Beck, if he truly cared about government waste at all, would find a target here, in a target rich environment. He never ever does. He never errs; he never waivers in his attacks aimed at his primary targets; smaller-scale social programs that help middle class or poor Americans.
It's obvious a new economy would benefit this country with green jobs. Beck and FOX tend to pitch this as "economic redistribution of wealth".
Engineering jobs that would open up in a green economy, by definition would not require as much in the way of the high security clearances that defense jobs necessitate. Thus, people who have had scrapes with the law could apply, people who have voiced opposition to the government's domestic and foreign policy decisions could apply, as could those who have ever written angry letters to the editors of the various newspapers, or those who have posted angry screed on web pages. Those who have joined orginizations which champion the rights of free speech, labor, or minority causes, would also be able to apply for Green Jobs,
In short, a green economy would provide a haven in private industry for a good portion of the country wishing to WORK (not receive unemployment benefits) in the private sector. These are the very things Beck and FOX claim to be all for.
It can be argued that a job working for Northrop Grumman, or Harris, or DRS IS NOT a private industry job, but a GOVERNMENT one. These jobs require extensive background checks with multiple intelligence agencies. They often require full lifestyle polygraph interviews. A candidate who wishes to maintain their security clearence often cannot excercize his or her full right of free speech. The money they receive for performing their duties ALL comes from ONE customer: the U.S. Government.
The idea that a military defense contractor meets the critria of the so called "rugged individual-styled, private industry" in this country is hyperbolically laughable on so many levels.
And yet this image, this myth persists.
And covering up that myth, continuing to push us toward a perpetual state of war, of runaway oil consumption, propping up a private club of gelded, silent engineers and managers, we have the likes of FOX news and Glenn Beck.
The first people they attack are those crying not for an unwarrented redistribution of wealth, but a new economy one we can all participate in and peacefully enjoy the fruits of modern, reasonable, morally defensible LABOR, not entitlements.
They just can't have that: that would mean an end to mechanized worldwide violent conflict, a cleaner environment, in which more of us - not less - would survive into the future

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