Sunday, February 21, 2010

Read the Words and the Lines and Lies Between them

Der Reichstag

Nothing similar here. Just a good American whipping the masses up!God Bless the Flag.

I'll be damned, haven't we heard this all before?

On to CPAC 2010. Nothing regimented, weird, extremist or prejudiced here. Is there? Sure, hell yeah, we all die for Israel, and we do so, having sex only with our wives, when we are married, and not conducting stem cell research.

Oh, and we should erradicate people, places and things we don't agree with. After all, and like Hitler said, a one-party system is the best. The dissent business, is "a cancer!"

Not that we haven't heard this sort of talk before. Call them Progressives, or...whatever the hell it is you want, then set about "erradicating"

And we love watching the fireworks we've lit, don't we?

Can't You Just feel the love and sanity? Read my sign, yell at me until words are meaningless. "Go back to!"

What comes next? Carry a shovel, carry a gun!

The ironic part is, we will march to war this time to "protect Israel." Remember it's all a game, it's all bullshit. The only purpose of it is, to weed out the masses. The people who are in the way, this time, are the "progressives" and the "peacemongers" and those who believe in "democracy."

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