Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Damned 2012 Nonsense Explained Part 2

By David A. Kearns

As we continue this little talk, Monkey-Children, Fetus-baby-coders, gamer-dweebs, jokesters, cube-jockeys, corporate-feed-baggers, crazed unemployed underwear scratchers, let me just say the Mayan zero-event, or the Mayan-switch doesn’t need to actually be anything calamitous; unless it is tied to unknown geophysical or celestial forces, and/or unless we make it such, and/or unless all three occur simultaneously.

Okay, scratch all of that, we’re screwed with our pants on, dead, this is it! Grab your ankles, grab your snorkels and your cigarettes!

But wait, this panic could equally and just as logically be applied to (what? wait for it!) every single day you get up and put your feet on the floor.

There, there, now breathe …just breathe. Look around, and say, “whew, not today. I’ve got one more to set things to right!”

The Aztecs had one of these scary days, every 52 years. They relit the fires in their temples, if you believe author Gary Jennings, and carried the light all over the valley of what is now Mexico City. During that zero day, it was customary to stay indoors and wait it out. If you were in labor you held your water and counted the hours hoping the kid wouldn’t come until the following day, lest he be born with three heads, gills, that sort of thing.

They, Aztecs AKA the Mexica, were also told “the end is near!” leading up to that day, that “sacrifice” was necessary to make the sun rise again. And we’ll talk about blood-letting in the later sections of my little talk here.
This zero-day is likely going to shape up to be a market mover, one way or the other, speaking of metaphorical blood-letting. In fact, I believe that any day now there will be a composite stock, an ETF, playing on the Mayan switch. Believe it. Anything can be traded on the stock market; even exotic, self-fulfilling prophecy.
Okay, back to cases, and we mentioned the Bible.

Well, you have the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible says these places were sooooo sinful - you know, strip clubs, drugs, drive-by’s or the equivalent – they were nuked. The angels came down, warned everyone, then nuked the shit out of them. And Lot’s wife stood up and turned to the blast like those old army specialists with the dark goggles on during the 1950s, but too close to the blast radius, she was turned to a pillar of salt. You also have this flood thing mentioned; world gone haywire, either an earthquake tsunami or magnetic pole reversal. Some suggest this flood was the result of a land bridge collapsing in the Caspian Sea, flooding ancient shorelines with more than 1,000 feet of water. Oceanographer Robert Ballard hunts for the ancient, submerged villages and coastlines as we speak.

This story of Sodom and Gomorrah would be rather silly were it not for some evidence that there have been detonations which resemble nuclear explosions in archaic prehistory. Namely north Africa and India. Glass shards found here, exactly mimic those found at ground zero during testing in the Mohave desert. Specific conditions, instantaneous heating to temps found only on the sun or elsewhere. A blast. Of course, a comet might also suffice?

Okay, some folks like Jim Marrs, as detailed in his work Rule By Secrecy believe the former blast or blasts is evidence of a series of nuclear (former president Bush, that’s noocular) detonations during a war that included places as far away as South America, India, Africa and a continent that was then known as Atlantis. Combine it all together and we’re back to just 2,000 inbreds walking around, sniffing each other then, wham! Civilization again.

All good? Of course not.

You find this hard to believe. And this is understandable. Well, all I can say is hold onto your hat; things are about to get weird.


  1. You know, the meso-american cultures were really into the whole 'sacrifice' thing.

    I'd hate to have been a member of the royal family of the Maya, because they bore the brunt of the 'blood-letting'. There's a glyph showing the queen running a thorn rope through a hole in her tongue in order to get blood for one of the rituals. Seems a lot of their gods (and they had hundreds) liked their gifts swimming in red sauce.

    The 'ball game' players had it bad too. There are glyphs showing the team captain (presumably of the losing team, but who knows?) getting the old head-chop.

    There was an (Incan, I think) mummy found several years ago, which the forensic anthropologists determined was a young girl (IIRC about 13) who had been sacrificed and buried as an offering to one of the gods. In her case they killed her quick, a blow to the head, and then buried her in a stone vault on a mountaintop, in a sitting position.

    So, all of this gets back to the original question: What does the year 2012 have to do with us? My guess is that unless you are a Mayan, probably not a heck of a lot.

  2. You have to check out some of Drunvalo Melechizedek writings in "Seprpent of Light, Beyond 2012. Evidently the Earth's Kundalini moves to a different position every 13,000 yrs or so, causing sometimes catastrophic shifts in things like the magnetic poles and such.
    I think it's very interestink that anceint peoples could have knowledge we have only just begun to the Dogon Tribe having knowledge of Sirius B and Pluto and the 10th planet for centuries prior to now...Bt the way, Earth;s Kundalini is moving right now from it last home in the India to South America--how's that for a coinkydink!