Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Damned 2012 Nonsense explained! Part 1

By David Kearns

Fetus -Monkey -Children, and I say that with all due respect, the enslavement of our species by the ALM (alien lord and master) is perhaps nearly complete.
Say it with me now, sort of hum it, in middle ‘D’ like a monotone song; “FETUS MONKEY CHILDREN, FETUS MONKEY CHILDREN”, c’mon now. Rejoice in it. It’s who we are.
Aside from random neilasparaphobia, the irrational fear of extraterrestrials, there are ample signs around us, that something is coming of a rather unpleasant nature, and that something has been planned and staged, like a bad, self-fulfilling prophecy since the birth of religion out of chaos.
A good idea, that we should give thanks to whoever created all this, has turned into a venue for us to tear it all down in HIS/HER/ITS name. The sad truth is that, likely, this has all happened before.
Yes, yes, if you read the Mayan calendar, there have been perhaps four iterations of civilization prior to the one we are experiencing now. The Mayan Calendar "Long Count" says you ought to be a little wary on Dec. 21, 2012. History Channel wants you to believe it’s the end of the world, for whatever secret agenda they have, and I still haven’t figured that out other than the increase in ad sales.
What the calendar actually does, experts point out, and History Channel always seems to ignore them, is recycle itself on that particular date, and reset to zero again. And this reset can, as luck would have it, be associated with calamity much like we expected from the Y2k bug.
You can psych yourself into a tizzy and then have a shit fit on the day in question by self actualization, as any freshman psychology student can tell you. These little zero-hours tend to bring this trend out in humans or lemmings. Only if we participate, which we don’t have to if we don’t want to, but, hey, it sells newspapers, ad space on television shows. So let’s go for it I suppose. C’mon, follow me over the damned cliff. I’ll bring the flute.
This reset, a function of the three interlocking wheels of the Mayan cosmology, (sun, moon, earth) happens in 26,000 year increments. So the date coincides with one long revolution of our earthly axis of rotation. In other words, the big wobble.
What? You’re looking at me like the RCA dog in those old LPs. Don’t worry it took me some time too.
Okay. You spin a top, it starts to wobble on its axis and then that wobble begins to rotate, but at a much slower rate. Are you still with me? In our planet’s case that wobble’s rotation, once around, lasts about 26k years.
The question with this Mayan thing is, how did they know all this? How did they sync the zero hour up with the sun falling and rising smack dab in the middle of the Milky Way in our sky? Someone want to explain that to me, because it blows the top of my head off every time I think about it. No? Nobody?
Mayan codexes were translated into Spanish, some of which surely would have explained all of this, where they came by the information and what it meant to them but religious missionaries thought it the devil's work so THEY BURNED THEM! Thank you, Bishop Diego de Landa y Calderon.
Think of it, on that morning of Dec. 21, 2012, the winter solstice, the sun will rise directly into that cream colored sash of stars on the darker background, and that instant the center of the earth will reside in a direct line, from our point of view, running into the center of the sun, and (not finished yet!) on through to the center of the galaxy, from our perspective. This is when the sun (or father) goes home to the mother of everything (the galaxy).
The Mayans, if we believe prosaic conventional wisdom, are one of the few cultures EVER who began their calendar at a date which preceded their own existence as a culture, by THOUSANDS OF YEARS! Like, they knew this celestial event happened thousands of years ago, and they knew it would come to pass again, AND they knew, THE VERY DAY IT WOULD HAPPEN in the past and into the future!
Okay, that’s celestial mechanics any way you look at it. That bespeaks capabilities of advanced origin, and we will come back to this.
What no one will ever sit down and explain to you, or me, or to the television cameras is HOW this primitive culture gained a knowledge of celestial mechanics that would do shame to the average modern, bumbling astronomer? “Er, uh, yeah, this is something we would rather not, er, talk about, like fucking ever so don’t ask.”
The Mayans were the recipients of the Olmec culture before them; some say the oldest known culture in Mesoamerica. The calendar was something they either developed themselves, all without the aid of telescopes, or gained from some previous culture, or source.
I tend to believe this concept that we have lived all of this civilization business before, and we’ve buggered it up previously, having to start from scratch all over again. Yes, that’s us, clearly written on the page. This is who we are. Archaic prehistory, they call it: what went on before writing, before the Olmecs or the ancient Sumarians.
Consider Sumer. Take Sumer, please! No, not Donna Summer, Sumer, remember? Hammurabi’s code and that rubbish? The Rosetta Stone? Jaysus! What the hell is wrong with you people? Oh, now I remember, they took away reading. Well, suffice it to say, like, between six to four thousand years ago we had bupkiss going on in the way of smarts; pretty much dipshits, walking around. Then like magic, wham! Writing, farming. This latter piece is how modern historians describe the transformation and, even I can tell you this doesn’t make a lick of sense. You don’t go from wiping your ass with both naked hands to civilization in a heartbeat.
Enter archaic prehistory, stuff that happened before the stuff we actually know about.
Science tells us that genetically speaking we are one of the most inbred creatures on earth. That is to say, each one of us is more closely related to all others of our species, than are two dogs, located three residential lots away from each other. A half of one percent genetic drift, that’s us, cousin. Will you pass the mashed potatoes please? And can I have a turn with cousin Thelma tonight?
According to National Geographic’s The Human Genome Project, you can actually clock this genetic drift, and run it backwards like a program. From there, come to see that as recent as about 60,000 years ago, there were as few as 2,000 human beings on earth.
Now you can sit there in that chair right there and argue this science with me, if you want to. Suffice it to say the clock is well documented, and spelled out in the work mentioned above. Chemistry is chemistry, certain things take a certain amount of time, it takes two-to-Tango, and you run the math.
They call this a genetic “bottle neck”: prior to that, there were hundreds of thousands, to millions of us, then, wham, that number dropped down to 2,000 of us from which we have been gaining numbers ever since. Now there are more than 6 billion of us. Rats, I tell you! Rats! That’s us.
Okay, but what caused it? H1N1? AIDS? War? All of the above? Let’s look for anecdotal evidence. Best place? The anecdotes of all anecdotes, The Bible. Let’s start there at the beginning in the pages of Testament 1.


  1. "The Mayans, if we believe prosaic conventional wisdom, are one of the few cultures EVER who began their calendar at a date which preceded their own existence as a culture, by THOUSANDS OF YEARS!"

    Well, there is the crux of the problem. Should we believe this, or not? As it turns out, much of what we hear about the Maya in the media comes from two sources: Jose Arguelles and John Major Jenkins.

    Jenkins is not an academic. He is an "independent researcher", and it is essentially his idea that the Maya designed their calendar to end on the solstice in 2012. I'll point out that this idea is widely disputed and dismissed by the people who study the Maya calendar. As it turns out, solstices and equinoxes are pretty much ignored in the Mayan calendric system. They were much more interested in zeniacal crossings: when a given star passed directly overhead.

    Arguelles, on the other hand, *is* an academic: a PhD no less. The issue here is that he's got a PhD in Art History and Aesthetics, not in archaeology or meso-american studies. He's also (in my opinion) a bit off of his rocker. He is now convinced that he is the reincarnation of a Mayan ruler, and is holed up in New Zealand preparing for "the transition" by building a psychic bridge between the poles of the earth. No shit.

    As far as the actual "galactic alignment", (A) it can't happen, the closest it gets is about 5.5 degrees (eleven times the diameter of the sun or moon) and (B) that happened in 1998.

  2. Excellent points, looking into it. Keep reading there is more!

  3. Mer-KA-Ba, Secrets of the Flower of Life...where and how does sacred geometry fit into this, I ask you? Inquiring Minds wanna know...