Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Glenn Beck to suffer violent "martyrdom" on Lincoln Memorial

Rupert Murdoch and company need to erase the non-violent message of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.
They need that to happen. Lust for it!
Murdoch hasn't been very subtle about his desire to destroy this country from within. Non-violence is one of the lynch-pins that is holding it together at the moment.
For a couple of years now, Murdoch and Fox Noose has been fitting one around the neck of their paranoid delusional, ego-maniac strawman, Glenn Beck. This while cranking up the heat on the anger kettle they control through well-paid, amoral, news-reading dolts.
But the pudgy messianic complex in human form shows himself to be an active participant in the scheme, by scheduling his schtick at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial on the anniversary of King's most famous speech. Nearly 50 years after the event.
"Ooopsie? You mean, that's the date of MLK's speech? Gosh golly!"
He knows damned well he's doing it. He's such a damn liar to say he had no idea as to the date's significance.
You're making a speech on hallowed ground where world history was made; wouldn't you check? This shouts how much he cares for African Americans, Civil Rights, or history. No regard for any of these.
Why this year? Well if you waited until 2013 for that nice rounded-off number, you're beyond the contrived date of the Mayan societal collapse Murdoch and his pals are planning.
It works like this: stoke fanged hatred to new levels, then light a match.
This week, Beck blathers on and on about desecration. Not his own planned act thereof, but of Ground Zero; in the form of a mosque located three blocks away.
And yet, all the pieces are in place for a disgraceful stage drama to begin in D.C. Beck is even going to hold a prayer session at the Kennedy Center the night before: named after another assassination victim. Lincoln, King, and Kennedy?
Which form of God will they pray to? Christian, naturally. Who's not invited? Muslims, likely.
Can't read these tea leaves?
That's okay. Beck's there to connect the dots himself. He has already announced that something 'miraculous' will happen on the mall. Said so "on the Tay vay, maw!" to millions of angry, afraid conservatives and aged shut-ins, who are all too willing to believe the doughy pundit's "this country is going to hell in a hand-basket!" message.
Very different of course, from King's uplifting song of unity which required no corporate sponsorship, whatsoever.
I firmly believe Beck and Fox/Murdoch are capable of staging something hideous. And strategically, can they pass up such a massive opportunity?
Beck needs proof of divinity, and one way to do that is martyrdom, and perhaps recovering from it! Let's agree he's too cowardly to go all the way with it: something small, something thrown at him perhaps, so he can take the hit and shout "you see?! You see what these progressives are all about?"
Note that Beck is talking about Jesus, quite a bit these days. Oh, he wants to be Jesus, and MLK, all rolled into one. But typical of a coward, he doesn't want to pay for it with blood sweat and tears. And the camera has taught him he can get away with so much, with very little of the former two commodities invested.
Murdoch and his consortium of putrid plutocrats cannot complete their plans without a totally destroyed society.
Economic and environment collapse? Check! Break-down of all law and order? Still on the to-do list.
You do the math.
What will happen?
Will Beck be injured?
Let's hope not. Let's wish the moron well and protect his constitutionally assured right to speak nonsense wherever he so chooses.
But I must admit I am nervous. And I've also noticed that the news cycle has slowed down to background levels of insanity. The timing is right for something to happen.
Maybe someone has socially engineered the event at the Lincoln Memorial so well, all that need lapse is a moment of security.
Keep your fingers crossed that I am totally wrong.

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