Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Big Brother Won't Allow FULL UFO Disclosure anytime soon?

He can't afford to.
That's right. Someone is making too damned much money, and too many people will be outed, and too many countries will be angry at the United States of America.
Not our Air Force, not the Navy, not the military industrial complex who all really had the major hands in what Stanton Friedman calls "Cosmic Watergate", but the country at-large. You and me.
Because our U.S. Constitution says We the People should be in charge of these entities and not the other way around. That's right, according to our documents, our paperwork, as people call it on the big prison yard, we tell them what to do, not the reverse.
But for sixty some-odd years, it hasn't been working out that way with regard to The Big Lie, as I call it in my novels, which has been at work making us as a society collectively insane.
So a secret has been kept for decades, a secret which could have long ago solved world energy needs - of course there's a "perhaps" in there - but still; we, you and I, have been keeping this quiet from the rest of the world. We did this because we had "enemies". Not that a non-human, technologically-sophisticated entity in our midst might more readily foot the bill, no, we chose to demonize those other humans who were not us and keep them all at bay using some of the very wonders we had discovered in Roswell in 1947.
Well, ain't that just fine and dandy.
I suppose we wouldn't be angry had the shoe been on the other foot? Had the Russians and the Chinese not found this technology first, we would be okay with them harboring it for sixty years and lording the technology over us, I suppose.
In a pig's eye.
We have one hell of a problem on our hands. How President Obama handles Disclosure will define his presidency, whether the truth gets out or not.
Since Clinton, in 1997, it has become more alarmingly clear that it is not our timetable for disclosure that is so important, but theirs. Their plans, not ours, render this information tinderbox most dangerous.
Our reluctance to admit what has been going on behind the scenes of Roswell, Area 51 et al, has put that power in their hands; we think they have hands, or biomechanical appendages which resemble hands..
They don't respond to any previous treaties in which they have been politely asked to kindly refrain from making scary aerial demonstrations. They make appearances wherever they want to, whenever they chose.
The fly right over then President George W. Busch's ranch at Crawford, Texas. The sort of demonstration a dog might make in lifting his leg to your lamp-post when you tell him to get out of your yard.
Clearly some professors at our military academies need a refresher course in strategy. Someone needs to read Art of War again, or I Ching or whatever it is they read over there covering this topic. A potential enemy, particularly a more sophisticated one, should not be permitted such a strategic, tactical advantage, as these beings now posses over us.
All they have to do is literally arrive on the White House lawn - and they can - and they could send us all into a tail spin.
That's an advantage: when just announcing your presence can defeat an enemy. No? Am I wrong? Wasn't this what the Visigoths did to bring down the Romans? Didn't the Vikings do this to take Paris? Tell me I am wrong and I can sleep at night without the meds.
Virtually no prep work has been done in this strange disclosure dance apart from labeling those who have seen one, or otherwise experienced one, as insane. Adjuncts to that have been the discreditings. By example, one of the finest, fiercest scientific minds this country has ever produced belonged to Dr. James E. McDonald.
Gosh, I would really like to have a mind like that back to respond to the challenge we are about to face with disclosure, but, gee, our FBI and other elements of government followed, ridiculed and hounded this man until he blew his brains out in 1971.
His crimes were, he spoke out about the need for peace during Vietnam and the ill use of nepalm, ( both of his positions on these societal ills have prooved morally, ethically just, good and true) and he voiced his strong opinion that the existance of these strange craft, commonly called flying saucers, or UFOs, needed serious open scientific discussion among learned minds, and civilized nations.
No nut-job dressed in desert boonies and binoculars, this was an atmospheric physicist for University of Arizona, Tuscon.
Thanks almighty government! Could use this man's help about now, I bet, couldn't you? Sage advice in how to calmly, logically handle the problem?
Dr. McDonald can't take your call right now, because he's dead and we killed him.
His truths were inconvenient.
Now what?
This interrupted sex approach, put it in a little (shsss there are UFOS) pull back on that a bit (to hell with that noise, all of you are nuts!) might also be deemed mini-truth innoculations.
Designed to step-wise introduce you to the truth without explicitly admitting what it is, nor our part in keeping it secret for so long.
Mnnnn, yeah, really don't want to admit this, tee-hee!
The injections have gotten bigger haven't they?
Fourth Kind, was a brilliant bit of counter-intelligence. Get the public talking about an event that never really happened, so they throw the concepts out - things which very much have happened, right down to the owl - with the bathwater after the movie is viewed and then savaged by "reviewers" who in no way were connected (incredulous tone here) to the intelligence machinalia.
Then we have V, all the concepts wrapped in an inane dismissable supository which we giggle about until the third episode which by this time will illicit nothing more than a yawn.
The hope is, by the time the real truth comes out everyone will be bored with the topic as to not care but, somehow, I don't think it's going to work out that way, sorry to say.
Come right down to it, we're stuck on the truth Johnny-pot, never having mustered the guts to either finish or get off. We've got derschfincterlock.
While we sit the thunder mug on this, these things, whomsoever and whatsoever they are or may represent, go about their business.
When they put on their major display for us, We the People will be held in a very bad light and in very bad esteem worldwide.
First to go on trial in the court of public opinion will be elements within the Air Force who maintained rights to the gear, the stuff, the kit, we found at Roswell. Next will come those within the military industrial complex for keeping it all to themselves without sharing it to our energy experts. Alot of pain and heartache could have been avoided over these last decades if we weren't so damned busy making the Saudi Royals rich along with a few select Texas oilmen.
Those in power who knew yet said nothing will also be on display.
Right down the line, there is a push to keep all this quiet. People want to retire first, die or be on their deathbed before it comes out and that is understandable. And much as we would like to oblige, again, it's not our timetable that's important it's theirs.


  1. Nice piece but I think we'll find it's a global effort amongst the intelligence agencies and not just the US altho of course the problem probably started here. I'm hoping its all in 'their' court rather than the powers here because I'm sure if it wasn't we'd be continuing the same sorry path as they wouldn't reveal it unless they had to.

  2. Thanks for the comment. If you're right, I just hope 'they' are benevolent. History shows us it is the "discovered" race, which is at a disadvantage. Also, if indeed they came from vast distances, science tells us they expended a lot of energy to get here. As the sentient species of record on the planet it only serves our interests to assume they want something, and aren't on a feel good mission of peace and galactic happyness. Thanks again for the comment.