Wednesday, September 16, 2009

War of Raging Assholes

The Gang Bang of Six is getting ready to sell out on health care reform. South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson is now on double-secret probation. Jimmy Carter gets slammed for stating the obvious. What’s wrong with this picture people?
It’s called America, our country swirling down the damned Johnny-pot.
My mother calls me. We chat. Conversation drifts into politics like it always does.
“Mom, you’re watching Hannity and O’Reilly waaaay too much,” I say.
“You bet your ass I am. This man is DANGEROUS. He’s trying to break down a country two hundred and fifty years in the making. He wants to replace capitalism with something else!”
And did I see the Acorn video? Did I see it? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I? Did I see it?
See, the workers in the Acorn video, who were essentially duped by an episode of Punk’d, are black, and they don’t come off real well in the video in that they are helping an alleged prostitute and her pimp find ways to hide income (Hey! They were helpful to the young couple and they weren’t racist which is a lot more than we can say about some republicans), and of course Obama is black too, see? See how that works? And if we listen to Glenn Beck and that crowd all day long, we come to learn that this Acorn business; that is to say, everything Acorn, an independent non-profit does falls on Obama, see? Why? Because he’s black too, don’t you get that? You heard?
These sore loser republicans are sooooooooo fucking steamed at having lost the general election to a black dude, they would do ANYTHING, UP TO AND INCLUDING destroying this country with their bare hands, to get back at the democrats.
These razor-brains loathe democrats more than they hate the Taliban. They go to the heartland stirring up old hatreds. Nothing is beneath them. Dredge up revelations to the religious crowd. Black man, (check) eloquent (check): and the correct answer is?
“Our survey says, Antichrist!”
This would all make excellent comedy if it weren’t for the fact our situation right now, couldn’t be more precarious. Folks, we have enemies on the outside. Did you forget that?
Other nations would love to see us tear ourselves to pieces right about now. A couple of these other nations claim to be our allies! Oh yeah. I have it on great information that one of the nations on planet earth engaged in the most dangerous sort of hacking into our information systems, claims to be a friend of ours.
Republicans and Democrats in the pay of foreign lobby obviously keep these fires of hatred stoked for the benefit of their foreign masters. And we buy into it.
Play both sides against the middle, a nation divided cannot long stand, divide and rule. Have you heard of these concepts or did you fall asleep in history class?
And don’t get me started on religion…

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