Friday, September 18, 2009

Glenn Beck is Unspooled!

By David Kearns

This was Friday, last. His horrific show, a montage of innuendo laced with cult-leader tactics and near slanders. He's got a tree drawn on a chalkboard.
"Look at it!"
In the bottom left hand corner, he has a picture of Che Guevara. In the center of the roots is a picture of Woodrow Wilson (Really?)
All the way to the top of the tree is a picture of Barack Obama.
"Look at it."
Glenn I am looking! What is it I am supposed to see, Glenn? Help me, Glenn, help me help me, HELP YOU! I'm here for you buddy.
He also has a giant acorn above Che's picture. A few words scribble scrabble. It's like an infomercial for the insane. Connections as lasting as the dusty chalk branches of the tree they are scrawled on. You have to wonder is FOX really doing that bad they can't afford better graphics than a chalk board?
Examples, the murderer of "Milk" ?? (I takes a moment to decifer, decryptify, that what he actually means is Harvey MILK, gay activist ) The murderer, "... snuck into a town hall through a basement window." Is he channelling an old Beatles number? "She came in through the bathroom window..."
Twinkies? He mentions twinkies here: "And do you know how the guy (Harvey Milk's murderer) got off? The twinkie defense, too much sugar from junk food. "
Okay and? Never mind, Beck is moving on to something random and unrelated. He drifts into little ditty about Kool Aid: "Another radical and communist...he was a bad dude. He went to Jonestown Guayana. ..."
Jim Jones? Where is he going with all this? We suppose his fan base, conservative grannies don't care, all the pieces are there if not in a disjointed, Picasso sort of way: Barack a black man, acorn, (prostitute-video sting!), gays, twinkies, shootings, communism! What else could a reactionary ask for other than a cauldron stew of "what's wrong with this country!"
Now he wraps it all up for the reason: boiling it down to why; the real reason Sen. Nancy Pelosi cried on television.
"If I lived through Harvey Milk, the Twinkie defense and Jonestown, I would tear up too!" yes, all the fault of them they, that them; those Milk Loving. Koolaid drinking, communist, drug taking, homosexual, hippy scumbags. Is this it Glenn, what you're trying to say, blink twice for "yes", once for "no." He looks right into the camera now, he means it hard; nearly a tear in the eye.
"Nancy, I too share your fear. Please, Dear Lord keep us safe, but there are nut jobs... "Meanders through a rambling essay that goes nowhere, here. Yes, Glenn, there are nut-jobs alright!
Across the bottom of the screen is the ticker. Stories, totally unrelated to the White House, Nancy Pelosi, or the President, scroll through. They are of course, about violent crime, drug arrests etc.. etc. An item about Trafficante, a digraced democratic name from the past; another about a "call girl."
The evil hiss of inuendo here, like backwards Latin in a film about demonic possession, and indeed, Glenn looks as though perhaps his head might do a 360 swivell any second. Glassey-eyed babbling. A bad joke about unicorns. On it rolls.
He points again to the monstrosity he has birthed on the chalk board, wildly gesturing. A mad man in the wilderness.
Oh, here comes a theory of Beck's, but, after the commercials!
(whew, a break in the madness, a commercial about some form of medicine with the calming disclaimers "consult a physician if you report feelings of suicide or pending doom" Oh yes we're there without the first dose.)
Ahhhh! We're back! A rollercoaster, I tell you. His big eyes knifing me. His mouth a froth of spittle.His guest, an expert of some sort, an ambassador named John Bolton (Nevermind, it's a blur! Consult Google later for details!), has had perhaps eight seconds of uninterrupted silence to get anything out of his mouth.
Beck has fear in his eyes, he seems to be channelling the thought to the masses, knee-jerk almost on a reflex "Do they know, I am off my rocker? Do they know? Can they tell?"
Back after this! Another break.
Promo for Beck's book Arguing With Idiots. Oh, there are idiots alright, Glenn, and they are closer than they appear! Yes, we get a mental image of one of those oceanic explorer maps from the late renaissance "here there be (idiots.)"
He's back. Paraphrases Obama administration "so....Poland Screw you!"
On it rolls, scary like train wreck, and yet you can't tear your eyes and ears away.
Exit stage nuts!

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