Friday, February 12, 2010

Sarah's World

Let's pretend she's president now. Live in that moment.
Are you completely amazed it even happened or utterly terrified? Or are you content, that everything is alright now, and those boogiemen called "Progressives" have been cast back out into the shadows?
If you agree she would be a great world leader then, you had better be in the latter camp. There's one party now. Get it? Because in Sarah's world, if you shine a light of criticism on her for even a moment; you're out. Evil meanie media! That means you!
You're out and that's the end of it! Because, she represents the good people of the heartland, tanslation, REAL AMERICANS. Okay?
You know, the Germans experimented with this "real Germans" game of infinite one-upmanship in the early hours of World War II. Yeah, it didn't go well. This sort of game always has a negative outcome. Remember Bosnia? No? That's right, 'cause in planet-Sarah, we don't know much about history, don't know much biology, don't know much about a science book, don't know much about the French I took.
In Sarah's world, AKA Forever High; the point guard with the pleasant smile is always vying for your vote on student council.
Winners never quit, and quitters never win? Whatever happened to that? IN Sarah's world, we forget the past, immediately. No short term memory?
But wait, what about Uncle Rupert, and FOX? In that she's also a paid spokesperson for FOX, how does that dealio work; well, okay, FOX then, they can be there, to parse the stories and words coming out of her mouth just so. Because Sarah's world, let's face it, is FOX's world. There is no separation of church and state; the cult of Sarah, and the state, run by News Corp. Or News Corpse, the place where truth goes to die.
She will be appearing in Orlando. You won't be able to bring a camera inside, nor record her. As you enter the arena, imagine how the world would be if the inside equals the outside, after it's all over.
Many of us have already done the math on all of this, and well, there's no room for freedom in Sarah's world/FOX's world; no matter what she's telling you, no matter what she writes on her hand.
Oh and, keep in mind the image that Rupert Murdoch is painting of us with our ONE remaining staunch ally on earth.

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