Monday, October 12, 2009

Sean Innanity Goes After Michael Moore

By David A. Kearns

This one's quick and dirty from the hip, like cheap sex. But that's all that Sean Hannity esq. f.dchbg. is worth.

Sean had the film director of Capitalism: A Love Story on to lambaste him about his movie taking on big corporate. Instead, his own ass was handed back to him like a hat in the first segment. But nicely done, much nicer than I would have been to the sheen-haired, lipstick-wearing, little pimp.

It is the most curious thing in this country to watch someone strongly defend an indefensible, completely amoral position. It happens so oft now on Faux News, we have become innured to it. Hannity wasted no time detracting from the proceedings by asking Mr. Moore if he had an altar to President Obama in his house. To which Moore asked the same of Hannity, regarding Ronald Reagan.

That bit of important business out of the way, Hannity asked whether the people turned out of their homes were to blame for the mortgage crisis by signing up for loans they knew they couldn't pay back?

Blame the poor, blame the poor. These thugs, you'll notice, have but one out: blaming the poor they've mugged, for their lot.

Reminds me of a guy who blamed Katrina victims for living in the slums in the first place, and for being black, and of course, blamed them for breaking into a giant Malmart* looting for luxuries such as batteries, bottled water, and toilet paper.

In Hannity's case, he was glibly oozing that republo-tukkus-cheese, undoubtably envisioning a large gathering of sansabelt sphincters watching their boy-wunder at work, from their v.i.p enclave or sky-box, perhaps gathering around one of nine plazma screens in the waiting room of the Mercedes dealership while they had their fluids balanced and checked.

That little ditty will rock the room, Hannity likely thought to himself. Yes, did Michael Moore have an altar to Obama? (heheheh) And aren't the poor to blame for not reading the fine print? All part of an intelligent debate on one of the most serious issues facing the country.

Moore held his ground, though, and pointed out that it was deregulation that had enabled paper pushers to begin a daisy chain of nonsense; first-mortgages once sold, were bought up by second and third-party asset accumulators. Rules relaxed under Clinton where stripped away with paint thinner under Chenney/Bus(c)h.

Moore was generous enough NOT to point out that these deregulators under the Busshies, and the type of invidivual they represented, is the psuedo-psycho-patriotic sort of scumbag who cares not one wit, not one fuck-tick, for the fact these assets landed in the lap of Chinese banks; who, for some particular reason, purchased these toxic deals, contracts numbering in the millions, to keep the market speculators running balls-out, and hell bent for leather, toward that brick wall we ALL eventually slammed into.


Those of us who kept our homes at first, since we DID sign deals we could barely afford, are now getting laid off in the millions because there is no goddamned economy, Hannity you fucking dipshit-dumbass!

Why would they do that, do you suppose? Why would the Chinese want to do that to us?

Why is it that conservatives always call the poor and their defenders COMMUNISTS but always seem to be the ones, who infact are HELPING the communists RUIN this country? How many corporate DOUCHEBAGS were seen on CNBC vomitting about the wonders of the Chinese markets from 2006 to 2008? Where the hell are these people now? Fucking hiding, on smile Island is where. Hoping to Christ we have no earthly idea WHAT REALLY HAPPENED, which is what makes Michael Moore such a dangerous commodity to them, because he does, and his film explains it so well!

You had the naivete of those few left minding the post regulation market, combined with greedy scumbags who know all about this game from the S and L debacle; how it works, how to generate a run-up and precisely when to jump off. (whoooooopie! Happy Days are ...!) And oh yes, you have the ignorant poor, left standing there with a fat lip, black eye, dressed in a T-shirt to take the fall for the whole mess like Lee Harvey Oswald, just before we take him out and shoot him the chest for the cameras.

And you have little Sean Hannity; lap-dog, manchild anal benefactor to the rich, apologizing for runaway corporate greed; sloughing all of that history - two damned decades of it- as though it were a myth.

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